Advice for public organisations

Thorbecke is a specialised consultancy firm for public organisations such as municipalities, provinces, water authorities and housing associations. We excel in information management, data management, real estate valuations, taxes, legal matters and applications.

About us

We work on solutions for complex challenges. Listening, collaborating and communicating openly and actively with our clients is the basis. That fits with our mission: "Advancing public organisations through decisiveness and collaboration."

Thorbecke is a flat organisation with short lines of communication, which makes it easy to get things done. Our employees often work on client locations. At Thorbecke, more than 140 advisors and specialists with different backgrounds are working on projects in real estate and brokerage, engineering, architecture, economics, law, planning and administration and social geography. Thorbecke employees are experts in their fields and perfectly identify 'the question behind the question', which means that Thorbecke provides solutions that are always sustainable.




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Our specialisms and education

At Thorbecke we have four areas of expertise: Data Management, Information Management, Legal Affairs and Real Estate Valuations. Our employees are passionate professionals who take pride in contributing to the continuous improvement of services to our clients. Thorbecke is known for the WOZ training courses that we provide, both for internal participants (colleagues) and for external participants (employees in the WOZ). The success rate of Thorbecke students is well above the national average at over 95%. Our WOZ courses are taught by our own highly experienced teachers.


Our specialists have extensive experience in the management and use of the various basic registers such as the BAG, BGT and WOZ. The Real Estate Valuation Act (WOZ) has traditionally been Thorbecke's specialty. We carry out property tax assessments and associated activities for many municipalities and tax partnerships. Thorbecke works exclusively with its own WOZ-certified appraisers.


Our information managers support your organisation in various roles and in various components where information management plays a role, such as: data-driven working, data management, environmental law/DSO, optimal information management, case-oriented working, coherent object registration (SOR) and functional application management.


Our professional lawyers provide advice and support in the areas of private law, environmental planning, administrative law and objections and appeals up to the Council of State. Legal Affairs deals with plan damage, plan damage risk analyses, loss compensation and legal advice.


Thorbecke has been specialised in real estate valuations for the public sector for over 25 years. From assessments of market values, reconstruction values, planning damage, leasehold and expropriation assessments. We have a lot of experience with specialist valuations of special objects, such as wind farms, industrial complexes and monuments.

Working at Thorbecke

We are Thorbecke. A down-to-earth, accessible company in Zwolle, where around 140 advisors and specialists work on a project basis. Most have a HBO or university education, in real estate and brokerage, engineering, architecture, economics, law, planning and administration and social geography, for example.

At Thorbecke you use your qualities for public affairs and at the same time get plenty of opportunities to keep developing your career. Our employee satisfaction survey shows that 84% are happy with their work at Thorbecke and that 88% enjoy their work.

At Thorbecke we believe that strong relationships and team building are the key to success. That is why we organise inspiring and fun company outings and meetings that bring our colleagues closer together! Discover your career opportunities at Thorbecke.