A safe world for future generations

Future generations must keep an eye on the full development of their talents. In addition, they cannot be limited by the bill we leave for them for our own success in this day and age. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by reducing our CO2 emissions through energy savings, recycling and reducing waste. We also try, where possible, to include our chain in our objectives and elevate consciousness, so that we can make an even greater impact.

Caring for our planet

In everything we do we try to make the most sustainable choice. Separating waste, an energy-neutral office, a largely electric fleet, working with sustainable suppliers... are all examples of consciously sustainable choices. We also encourage our employees to make sustainable choices. For example, to work from home regularly.

Electric fleet

Did you know that the first EIFFEL red Renault drove through the Netherlands in 1994? This made EIFFEL one of the first organizations in the industry to link its brand statement to a fleet. Now, thirty years later, the red color in combination with the logo on the road is still a strong calling card.

A lot has changed in the meantime. For example, we now drive around in a customized Volkswagen ID.3. That car says a lot about the high sustainability limit, because more than 60% of our fleet is now fully electric. Together, Eiffel colleagues easily drive 20 million kilometers per year electrically, so as an organization we make a major contribution to the reduction of CO2 and together we take care of our planet. Read more below about how we deal with CO2 emissions from our activities.


In our mission to make the Netherlands sustainable and future-proof, we also focus on making our own business operations more sustainable. To reinforce this, we opt for certification on the CO2 Performance Ladder. The CO2 Performance Ladder is an instrument - consisting of five steps - that helps us gain insight into our CO2 emissions and helps us reduce these emissions.

Our locations

As a collective of companies, each with its own history, Team EIFFEL uses several (office) locations. A consolidation effort started in 2022. At the beginning of 2023, we successfully started looking for a replacement (central) location for Palladio and the EIFFEL government business unit; This allows us to say goodbye to Palladio's non-energy efficient location. This step is in line with the strategy of merging several small workplaces into a number of Team EIFFEL Clubhouses, geographically and strategically spread across the country.

By furnishing the Team EIFFEL Clubhouses based on a recognizable, uniform style, they contribute to the culture we strive for: our locations can actively encourage working, collaboration and meeting. There is room for movement and the door is open to everyone, just as it is for clubhouses in the sports world.

But getting rid of small locations and setting up central clubhouses also has a positive impact on the environment. The use of resources will become more efficient, our purchasing policy will be centralized and sustainable innovation can be implemented on a large scale.

Sustainable modifications

In 2022 we made a number of sustainable adjustments to the Clubhouse in Arnhem. We have replaced the mercury lamps on the outside of the building with sustainable LED lamps, replaced the transparencies in the building with more energy-efficient ones, replaced the fluorescent lighting in the parking garage with more energy-efficient LED lighting and insulated the pipes in the technical room. When creating new Clubhouses, we take these types of adjustments into account and always opt for the most sustainable design.

Daily use of our Clubhouses

We also try to burden the environment as little as possible in the daily use of our locations. For example, at locations where we have influence on catering, we strive to reduce packaging, use local regional products and prevent food waste. We do this by purchasing 'just in time' as much as possible and pursuing good planning. We also separate our waste in all Clubhouses and take the environment into account as much as possible when purchasing goods and services for one of the locations. For example, an important criterion for the selection of suppliers is having an ISO14001 certificate.



Want to know more about our sustainability initiatives? Send an email to communicatie@teameiffel.nl