The four P’s

The organisation's four P’s (personnel, planet, profit and pleasure) serve as a guide for ensuring the most balanced social engagement possible.


The foundation for any organisation like TASK is its employees – the company's capital. Their satisfaction and level of development are at the core of TASK’s actions, and this results in a number of initiatives being launched in these areas. Some good examples include themed nights, personal study budgets, skills management, employee satisfaction surveys (8.4 in 2020/2021), the ‘attention is the new gold’ programme, and the ongoing assessment of TASK’s DNA and of which people align with this. TASK’s track record shows that it works mostly on leading civil and architectural projects in the Netherlands, and has done so since the company’s inception. TASK wants this engagement to continue into the future, which means maintaining good relationships with its employees and always focusing on sustainable added value for its clients.


As a service provider, TASK is only indirectly involved in a production process and is often only engaged in the execution of a project. However, when it comes to consultants implementing projects, there is still a sizeable sustainability contribution to be made for the duration of a project. During projects, TASK consultants try to make sustainability as tangible as possible in consultation with the client. TASK will endeavour to reduce CO2 in areas where it is sure that an impact can be made, as was the case with the office building in Utrecht and the vehicle fleet. TASK is increasingly requiring its partners to operate sustainably. For instance, TASK expects its strategic partners to have obtained CO2 Performance Ladder certification (at least Level 3), and the company is more selective when it comes to tendering. TASK considers it important that sustainability is a requirement in a tendering process.


At the forefront is the added value that TASK delivers and wants to keep delivering to its employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. The organisation sees sufficient opportunities to make a significant contribution to the mobility, water, land and energy markets in the Netherlands and to work on leading projects in these areas. What’s more, TASK also endeavours to make an impact by collaborating with various social partners, such as Net4Kids and JINC.


The added value created by TASK relates not only to the development of the company and its employees, but also to the healthy relationship between work life and private life, enjoyment of work, and personal ambitions and desires. There is room for collaboration, activities and contact with others. Enjoyable work is one of the key pillars upon which TASK is based. After all, work that is enjoyable helps to ensure a sustainable relationship between TASK and its employees.