ITforKids & JINC

EIFFEL has been ISO 14001 certified for a number of years, and we have developed our ICT and waste separation policies accordingly. For instance, EIFFEL works with ITforKids, an organisation that takes ICT materials and ensures that data is deleted in a certified manner by people with poor job prospects. ITforKids then puts out a request in the market for someone to buy up the materials and the money goes to a charity. In this case, the money went to JINC (every child is talented), an organisation that works with companies and schools to create a society where a person’s background does not determine their future.

Spieren voor Spieren

It is not uncommon to find ‘elite level sports’ and ‘EIFFEL’ together in the same sentence. It makes logical sense too, since elite level sport is key to the EIFFEL brand, the mentality of our employees and our vision for development. But for children with muscular diseases, sport is rarely something they can easily take part in.

The explicit mission of the foundation Spieren voor Spieren (‘Muscles for Muscles’) is to beat all muscular diseases in children. EIFFEL’s talent coach Minke Booij is also a director at the foundation and EIFFEL supports the foundation’s mission by making annual donations.